Poverty Stricken

by Department of Coreuption

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Recorded at Persia Studios, Staten Island, New York, April 1990 Copyright 1990,2010 DEPARTMENT OF COREUPTION, All Rights Reserved


released September 7, 2010

Dept. C is

Ray Cola (Vocals)

Joe Rad (Bass)

Todd Starita (Drums)

Adrian Getzoff ( Guitars)

1. Runaround
2. Stupid Dumb
3. Conscience Captured
4. For The Homeless
5. What's Up Doc?



all rights reserved


Department of Coreuption New York, New York

In the late 80's early 90's Dept. C brought its metal riffs, hardcore edge and pounding drums to the NY Metro Area, including CBGBs and Lamour's scene. They lured skinheads, metal heads, skaters and punk rockers with socially conscious songs about war, healthcare, homelessness, mental illness and drug abuse.

Dept.C Reunited in 2010. Please visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/deptc
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Track Name: Runaround

Feeling brave
Feeling bold
Like a star in the sky
Not a care in the world
Ya need another bag of Eddie
Your life's gonna crumble
inside that bundle

Oh! When ya gonna learn
They light another bone
You sit and wait your turn
Now you're in the rehab
You say you're gonna quit
We've heard it all before
You're nothing but a loser
You worthless piece of shit!

Prime of your life
You're burning out
Childhood memories
taken away
Look at the friends
you left behind you
It's time to wake up
inside a coffin
It's not enough
You need some more
You can't stop now
The needle is in store
(repeat 4)
(repeat 2)
(repeat 3)

(repeat 4)

And you're dusted

When will you learn
It's not enough
Can't stop now
Now what's next
You feel like this
(repeat 5)
(repeat 5)
Track Name: Stupid Dumb

You can't accept me
for what I am
You won't accept us
for what we feel
You won't accept me
for what I am
Take down the boundries
and see what is real
You won't accept me
Your foolish reasons
Because I have hair
And you do not
Fuck all fashion
and what's in season
If I cut my hair
Would you call it treason
Stupid dumb
Hide beneath your shell
You can't change your style
Can't accept us
Afraid of what you feel
No identity
Find yourself
When you understand
The problems at hand
Then you will find
The will to change your mind
No identity
Find yourself
Accept yourself
Keep the scene alive
Your mind is blind
No self esteem
Find the will
To open your mind
Track Name: Conscience Captured

Innocence stripped away
by my laughter
Whisper inside yourself
your censcience captured
These are violent thoughts
inside of me
Wanna let them go
and set them free

Now it's you
that can't sleep
Cause I am there
I am there to haunt you
to keep you awake
(repeat 1)
(repeat 2)

I am the thoughts
you have built
I am the thoughts
made of guilt
I am the thoughts
you have built
I am the thoughts
made of guilt
(repeat 3)

I am the whispers
in your head
Toss and turn
in your bed
Hear my voice
when your thinking
This is you're
conscience speaking
Look outside
Outside for help
I am here inside yourself
No one can
hear you plea
Let you go or set you free

I am the whispers
in your head
Toss and turn
in your bed
Hear my voice
when you're thinking
This is your conscience!
Track Name: For The Homeless

People lying in the street
No house or home
for them to sleep
No one helps or even tries
They don't care,
they stop and stare
No one helps or even tries
The place to dwell
A cardboard box
or on a bench in the park

Buildings of ruin
Homeless losin
Thier painful cries
You pass them by
No one helps
or even tries
They dig in trash
Mental abuse

There's an old lady
digging in the trash
She's seeking shelter
I leave you with this question

Buildings of ruin
The homeless losin
Painful cries as
you pass them by
There's no place
No place to live
You seek your life
in a garbage can
There's no place
No place for you
You seek your life
in a garbage can
Track Name: What's Up DOC?

Certificates lace the walls
Your last breath
White coats pace the halls
It's up to them
Who are they to judge
Human like us
He's had a bad day
So can't I go
These things are dawning on me

Your life is in their hands
Doctor says you don't understand
Now you've lost your will
Now he says your mentally ill
Doctor, leave me alone
Not another test
I'm tired and I just want to rest
Doctor can't you see
All you want is my money
And Blue Cross ain't gonna help
Doctor, Please

Hey Doc you're supposed
to help me!
Not take
all my fuckin money
Let me go
you got my money
Blue Cross
is not gonna help me!